Flightline F8F Bearcat 1200mm

Flightline F8F Bearcat 1200mm

The F8F “Bearcat” was Grumman’s last piston engine fighter to conquer the skies. First taking flight in August 1944 and powered by a massive Double Wasp engine, the Bearcat’s performance was superior too many jet powered aircraft of the same era.

Over 1,200 Bearcats were produced, operating around the world and participating in conflicts from Korea to Vietnam.

The F8F also served from 1946-1948 with the Blue Angels, the US Navy’s premier flight demonstration squadron, and set the foundation for generations of inspiring excellence by Blue Angel pilots.

Video Source: Flightline F8F Bearcat 1200mm – Wet runway! from Love RC on Youtube ⁄ CC BY