Canada Goose – Natural Bird Sound

Canada Goose – Natural Bird Sound

Canada goose, or Canadian goose.

The body length is about 100 cm, and the male bird is slightly larger than the female bird. Iris black. Mouth black. Feet black.

Male and female are the same color. The adult bird has a very long neck, black head and neck, triangular white patches on both cheeks, grayish brown shoulders and back, light brown feather edges, short, black tail, white upper tail coverts, chest, abdomen, and lower tail coverts White, with broad taupe markings on both flanks.

Juveniles are yellow all over, with grey-green feathers on the head and dorsal side.

All over North America. Occasionally overwinter in Northeast Asia.

Video Source: 加拿大雁/Canada Geese(Canada Goose) from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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