Blue-winged Leafbird – Natural Bird Sound

Blue-winged Leafbird – Natural Bird Sound

The blue-winged leafbird is a species of leafbird found in forest and second growth throughout Southeast Asia as far east as Borneo and as far south as southern Sumatra.

It is common to fairly common throughout most of its range, and therefore considered to be of least concern by BirdLife International.

The male is green-bodied with a yellow-tinged head, black face and throat. It has a blue moustachial line. The female differs in that it has a greener head and blue throat, and young birds are like the female, but without the blue throat patch.

The superficially similar golden-fronted leafbird lacks blue in the flight feathers and tail, and has a golden forehead.

As in other leafbirds, the call of the blue-winged leafbird consists of a rich mixture of imitations of the calls of various other species of birds.

Video Source: 藍翅葉鵯/Blue-winged Leafbird from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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