Black-headed Munia – Bird Sound

Black-headed Munia – Bird Sound

The chestnut munia or black-headed munia is a small passerine.

Body length 11 cm. Iris dark red. The mouth is leaden. Feet light blue.
The adult bird’s head, neck to upper chest, center of abdomen to lower tail coverts are black, and the rest is roughly chestnut brown.

The sexes are similar, but the female’s head and neck are lighter in color. The black center of the abdomen is slightly shorter than the male bird, and the rest is similar to the male bird. The entire body of the juvenile bird is stained brown.

China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan.

Video Source: 黑頭文鳥(栗腹文鳥)/Black-headed Munia(Chestnut Munia) from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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