We’re still loving Beijing and this week we even get to see some beautiful blue skies! This week we try to find the best shopping Beijing has to offer..keeping in mind we don’t have much space in our 40L backpacks…which also helps to keep us on budget. Our first stop is the famous Silk Road where you can get a copy/knick-off of just about any clothing or fashion related item your heart desires. Kate is not a big shopper but even she had fun here. Bring your haggling skills and some money for coffee. Next on our agenda is to add some more culture to our lives so we make our way to the Capital Museum of China. Admission is free but you have to register in advance (in Mandarin) so we just asked the nice folks at our hotel to call for us and all was smooth as silk. Make sure to put this Museum on your itinerary when visiting Beijing, it’s definitely worth investing an afternoon to check out the exhibits. This place is truly a treasure trove of history. For some more shopping we roll on over to another famous Beijing copy mall, the Pearl Market which we didn’t like nearly as much as silk road. To close out, we link up with some expat friends who take us out for a truly local dining experience that was just amazing! While taking our after-meal stroll we happen across some Duck fans who see my shirt and get really..REALLY…excited..perhaps having a blood alcohol content higher than their age had something to do with the excitement. All too soon its time to leave Beijing and the friends we’ve made here. We can’t wait to come back and explore even more of this amazing city and country!

Video Source: CHINA 中国 \\ BEST SHOPPING IN BEIJING // VLOG#91 from Sexy Coffee Travel Blog on YoutubeCC BY

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