After an awesome and fast ride on our first Bullet Train, we arrive in Beijing ready to keep on exploring the amazing country of China! Our hotel is just steps away from Beijing Rail Station which is VERY handy! We head out to explore Beijing by foo and happen across some amazing areas and attractions…not to mention an outstanding meal! We feasted on braised pork soup in a great little classic Chinese restaurant . We take the Beijing Metro and show you how to do it on the cheap! We also remember why it’s so important to check the website the man in seat 61 ( ) before any rail travel which would have saved us a couple hours 😉 as we make our way up to see the Great Wall of China in Badaling. We detail directions on how to get there in the video. We are awed by our first glimpses of the Great Wall of China out the windows of the train on the way up.

Video Source: CHINA 中国 \\ BEIJING TO THE GREAT WALL BY TRAIN // VLOG#88 from Sexy Coffee Travel Blog on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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