Autumn Walk in Shanghai Fuxing Park

Autumn Walk in Shanghai Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park (复兴公园) is a park located in Huangpu District of Shanghai.

With a history of over 100 years, Fuxing Park was once the largest park in the Shanghai Concession, and one of the most famous French-style parks in Shanghai, known for its tranquil elegance.

The park was designed by French horticulturist Papot, who built the park on the basis of the blueprint of the Golden Head Park in Lyon, France. The park was completed on June 29, 1909, and officially opened to the public on July 14 of the same year.

Afterwards, the park was continually reconstructed and in 1925 expanded to its present size. It is now a protected cultural heritage site in Huangpu District.

Fuxing Park looks quite beautiful in late autumn.

Video Source: 【爱上海】重启后的上海复兴公园 在深秋很美 \ 4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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