Autumn Walk along Nanchang Road in Shanghai

Autumn Walk along Nanchang Road in Shanghai

Nanchang Road (南昌路) is a street in Shanghai that crosses the Huangpu and Xuhui districts. The road runs east-west from South Chongqing Road in the east to South Xiangyang Road in the west. It is 1,690 meters long.

It was originally named Rue des Officies (Officers’ Road), but was renamed Tao Fei Si Road in 1920, and then to Nanchang Road in 1943.

The roads along Nanchang Road were traditionally residential areas, with famous residences such as No. 110-134 Shanghai Villas and No. 136-146 Villas. The Science Hall at No. 47 Yandang Intersection in the eastern section was formerly the Fat Tong Public School. Not far south of the road is Fuxing Park.

Video Source: Late Autumn Strolling on Nanchang Road, one of the most romantic streets in Shanghai \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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