A visit to Tang Paradise Park in Xian, China

Tang Paradise is located in the suburbs of Xian China. Tang Paradise is meant to be a park that showcases the best of the Tang Dynasty that ruled China from Xian from the year 700 onwards.

Tang Paradise Park is a popular destination for people looking to relax. It boasts it is the first theme park in China to cater to the five sense (vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste). Not sure if the taste meant the KFC and Pizza Hut on site!

Tang Paradise Xian China is certainly a great place to spend a few hours on a sunny day exploring. It is overpriced at 90 RMB entry. Is one of the best things to do in Xian? I would only go Tang Paradise if you’re staying in Xian for a week or more. There are plenty better thing to see.

Video Source: A visit to Tang Paradise Park in Xian China from Wyld family Travel on YoutubeCC BY

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