Zitting Cisticola – Natural Bird Sound

Zitting Cisticola – Natural Bird Sound

The zitting cisticola or streaked fantail warbler is a widely distributed Old World warbler.

11 cm in length. Iris brown. Upper beak dark brown, lower beak pinkish brown. Feet pink to nearly red.

Androgynous. During the breeding period, the eyebrow line is white, the eyeliner is light brown, the face is yellow-white, and the top of the head has dark brown vertical stripes.

The back is generally dark brown, with several black longitudinal spots, the feathers are light yellow brown, the waist is yellowish brown, and the tail end is grayish white. The ventral surface is white from the chin and throat to the lower abdomen, and the flanks and tail coverts are light brown.

In the non-breeding season, the plumage is dull, dark brown on the back, olive brown on the neck, and longer on the tail.

The sub-adult bird’s beak is yellowish brown, the black longitudinal spots on the back are lighter, and the ventral surface is yellowish brown.

Africa, Australia, most of Eurasia.

Video Source: 小綠鳩(黑頦果鳩)/Black-chinned Fruit-Dove from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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