Yellow-browed Bunting – Natural Bird Sound

Yellow-browed Bunting – Natural Bird Sound

The yellow-browed bunting is a passerine bird in the bunting family, a group now separated by most modern taxonomists from the finches.

Body length 16 cm. Iris dark brown. Mouth pinkish brown, upper mouth and tip black brown. Feet pink.

The breeding male has a black head with white crown and moustachial stripes and throat. There is a bright yellow eyebrow stripe.

Females and young birds have a weaker head pattern, with brown instead of black, and can be confused with little buntings; however, there is always some yellow in the eyebrow, as well as at least a hint of a white stripe on the crown.

Russia, China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Laos, etc.; occasionally seen in Taiwan.

Video Source: 黃眉鵐/Yellow-browed Bunting from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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