Wuhan Metro Line 1 Ride

Wuhan Metro Line 1 Ride

This is my first time to take Wuhan subway. I once lived in Wuhan for a period of time, when Wuhan has not yet built the subway, when Wuhan three towns still only two bridges. Ferries was the main means of transport.

More than ten years later, Wuhan has undergone a radical change. The city is no longer blocked by the Yangtze River, and 11 bridges have been built over the Yangtze.

In addition to the Yangtze River bridges, Wuhan’s subway construction is also booming. Today we took the Light Rail Line No. 1.

Video Source:【武汉.4K】Wuhan Subway 第一次搭乘武汉地铁 轻轨1号线 感觉不错 \ China streets \武汉の街 from WuWa Vision on YoutubeCC BY

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