Wuhan Ferry – Wuhanguan Marina

Wuhan Ferry – Wuhanguan Marina

Wuhan ferry started in 1900, through a hundred years of wind and rain, when it became the main transport linking the three towns of Wuhan.

Then the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was built over the Yangtze River to ease the pressure of the Yangtze River ferry, before the 1990s, the Wuhan Second Bridge was opened to traffic, into this century, the Yangtze River bridges through the three towns were built like a spring.

Wuhan ferry slowly withdrew from the leading role, but still an indispensable means of transportation and has become a tourist stopping place.

At present, Wuhan retains six ferry lines, so if you come to Wuhan for a trip you may want to take a ride on Wuhan’s Yangtze River ferries and experience the beauty of the river city.

Video Source:【4K】Wuhan Trave 美丽武汉:跨长江 赏风光 灯光璀璨 流光溢彩 点亮英雄城 \ China streets \武汉の街 \4K from WuWa Vision on YoutubeCC BY

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