Wedgmount Lake Trail – Whistler, BC, Canada

Wedgmount Lake Trail – Whistler, BC, Canada

Wedgemount Lake is a turquoise-coloured alpine lake located in Garibaldi Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada. It is situated below Wedge Mountain, Parkhurst Mountain, Rethel Mountain, and Mount Weart. Meltwater from Wedgemount Glacier and Armchair Glacier feeds the lake, whereas Wedgemount Creek is the outflow from the lake.

Hard trail with beautiful view, from Parking lot to Wedgemount Lake: Length, 7 km; suggested time, 4 to 6 hours one way; elevation change, 1,200 metres. The upper part of the trail provides a view of a waterfall where Wedgemount Creek tumbles down for almost 300 metres in a white spray.

The last part of the trail climbs steeply up a boulder strewn slope which can be slippery. This trail is steep and strenuous, but offers very rewarding views from the top.

There are no garbage facilities, so always pack out what you pack in!

The camping areas and the shelter at Wedgemount Lake are operated on a first-come, first-served basis. A reservation guarantees a space for you, but not a specific spot or tentpad. Camping is permitted in designated areas.

All campers must make a reservation through the Discover Camping Reservation Service.

Camping is permitted at designated campsites on the ridge near the hut and at Wedgemount Lake near the inlet from the Armchair Glacier. There are 10 tent pads at each location (20 in total).

Video Source: Day Hike In Wedgmount Lake Trail. from Bacha & Meg Outdoors on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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