Walking in Shanghai – Yuqing Road

Yuqing Road is in Xuhui District, Shanghai. It runs north-south, starting from Huaihai Middle Road in the north and Hengshan Road in the south. It is 768 meters long and 15 to 16 meters wide.

Yuqing Road, located in the French Concession, was built in 1920. It was named after the French consul Aitang in Shanghai in the early days. It is a high-end residential area along the street. The former residence of Chen Yi, the former mayor of Shanghai, is located on this street and is now a kindergarten for the municipal party committee.

Xuhui District, Shanghai

Video Source: 冬日法租界:余庆路\Walk shanghai漫步在上海\Walk china\ SHANGHAI STREET \上海の街 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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