Walking in Shanghai – Xujiahui

Xujiahui is a well-known business district in Shanghai. It is one of the four sub-centers and ten business districts of Shanghai. Today’s Xujiahui business district is not only a row of high-rise buildings, the main sub-center of the city, but also a main place for leisure and entertainment, religious activities, food, white-collar office and sightseeing.

The formation of Xujiahui dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Ming scientist Xu Guangqi once set up a farm in this place, engaged in agricultural experiments and wrote a book. He was buried here after his death, and his descendants thrived here.

The Xu family residing here, it was named Xu Jiahui during the Qing Emperor Kangxi. Xujiahui is also the birthplace of Catholicism.

Video Source: 漫步在徐家汇 Walking in Xujiahui\上海街景\ Shanghai street scene from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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