Walking in Shanghai – Xinchang Road

Xinchang Road is a north-south road located in the northwest of Huangpu District, Shanghai. From Nanjing West Road in the south, to South Suzhou Road in the north, facing Suzhou Creek. It is 1150 meters long, 8.9-17.7 meters wide, and the roadway is 5.8-11.9 meters wide. Xinchang Road was originally called Myburgh Road.

Xinchang Road was cut into three staggered sections by Beijing West Road and Fengyang Road, and now there are mostly lanes and residential communities along the road.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source: Walk shanghai\新昌路xinchang Road\漫步在上海\Walk china\ SHANGHAI STREET \上海の街 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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