Walking in Shanghai – People’s Park

People’s Park (Renmin Park) is a public park in Huangpu District of central Shanghai. It is located south of Nanjing Road, a major shopping street, and north of People’s Square.

The predecessor of Shanghai People’s Park was a racecourse. After horses often walked on the road, the origin of the road came into being.

In 1952, the racecourse was officially changed to the People’s Park, and its location also belonged to the center of Shanghai. However, the scope of the People’s Park is much smaller than it was then.

People’s Park is famous for English corner and blind date corner. The blind date corner is currently the most prosperous development. Every Sunday morning, parents come to the square on time to set up small benches or parasols, and put or hang the marriage information of their own or neighbors’ older children on the benches and parasols and wait. The right parents want to talk to their parents first, and then meet with the children when it is suitable. This blind date was once a smash hit in China, and major media rushed to report it.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source: Shanghai Renmin Parkr人民公园\漫步在上海\上海街道\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\上海の街を散策 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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