Walking in Shanghai – Liuyun Buddhist Temple

Liuyun Buddhist Temple (Yunxiang Temple), located in Nanxiang Ancient Town, Jiading District, Shanghai.

Liuyun Temple was built in the fourth year of Liang Tianjian (505 AD) and was originally named “Baihe Nanxiang Temple”. During the Kaicheng reign of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 -907), the land area of the temple was expanded to 12 hectares and it had more than 700 monks.

In the 39th year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1700), it was renamed Yunxiang Temple because of a horizontal plate inscribed by Emperor Kangxi. It became known far and wide, but the time-honored temple was destroyed in a fire later.

In 2000, Abbot Wu Ming, the sixth generation abbot of Liuyun Temple, and Nanxiang town made joint efforts and reconstructed Liuyun Temple at its original site.

Jiading District, Shanghai

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