Walking in Shanghai – Huaxi Road, Caoyang Park, Lanxi Youth Park

Huaxi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai. From Tongbai Road in the south to Meiling North Road in the north. It is 1016 meters long.

Residential buildings along the road.

Caoyang Park (曹阳公园) is located in Putuo District, Shanghai, covering an area of ​​22573 square meters.

It was opened in May 1954, named after Caoyang New Village.

In February 1958, Putuo District Greening Office was established and took over.

From May 1965 to January 1970, it was once managed by the Putuo District Sports Commission and was renamed “Cao Yang Sports Park”.

In 1970, the park was returned to the Putuo District Garden Management Office, and the original name was restored at the same time.

Lanxi Youth Park (兰溪青年公园) is located in the middle of Putuo District, Shanghai

Putuo District, Shanghai

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