Walk through the Old City of Huangpu District, Shanghai

Walk through the Old City of Huangpu District, Shanghai

Huangpu District, makes up the eastern part of Shanghai’s traditional urban core and is today the most central of Shanghai’s 16 districts. It is located on the left bank of Huangpu River, after which the district is named, and is bounded by Suzhou Creek to the north.

Today’s Huangpu District is the result of the merger of three long-standing districts of Shanghai: Nanshi, Huangpu and Luwan. Each of these have a distinct history and character.

It includes key attractions such as The Bund and the Old City God Temple, as well as popular shopping districts such as Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, and Xintiandi.

We start our walk at the Zhapulu Bridge on the Bund (外滩), also known as Waitan and continue along Huqiu Road to the south through the old city.

We will see European style buildings on both sides of the streets that remind people of the former glory of this place.

Nowadays, it is undergoing urban renovation on here in the district and many of the residents who used to live here have left, leaving these old streets empty.

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