Walk in Stralsund, Germany

Walk in Stralsund, Germany

Stralsund, officially the Hanseatic City of Stralsund, is a city in the Pomeranian part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

It is located at the southern coast of the Strelasund, a sound of the Baltic Sea separating the island of R├╝gen from the mainland. The Strelasund crossing with its two bridges and several ferry services connects Stralsund with R├╝gen.

Stralsund was granted city rights in 1234 and was one of the most prosperous members of the medieval Hanseatic League.

In 1628, during the Thirty Years’ War, the city came under Swedish rule and remained so until the upheavals of the Napoleonic Wars.

From 1815 to 1945, Stralsund was part of Prussia.

Since 2002, Stralsund’s old town with its rich heritage is honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with Wismar in Mecklenburg.

The main industries of Stralsund are shipbuilding, fishing, mechanical engineering, and, to an increasing degree, tourism, life sciences, services and high tech industries, especially information technology and biotechnology.

We begin our walking tour of Stralsund at the gothic St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) and see the city center with its shopping streets. As we get to the town hall (Rathaus) we see the market square on our way to the marina.

There along the sea many people are enjoying a stroll on this windy and cloudy day. The Gorch Fock 1 is a German three-mast barque which is there to visit. From Stralsund it’s also possible to visit the island of R├╝gen.

We continue our tour along the waterfront northwards before we head back to the city center for more impressions of Stralsund with its old town.

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