Walk in Shanghai – Zhongdeqiao Road, Yangzhai Road

Walk in Shanghai – Zhongdeqiao Road, Yangzhai Road

Zhongdeqiao Road is in Changning District, Shanghai. From Zhaohua Road in the north to Yangzhai Road in the south.

Zhongdeqiao Road is located in Changning District. It is an inconspicuous small street. Since the name of the road and the bridge are on the side, the bridge is not seen here. This is because after years of development and transformation, the previous Bangqiao was filled with soil. , Zhongdeqiao is no exception.

The Zhongde Bridge was built in 1567. According to the “Shanghai County Annals”, there were many bridges at that time, including the Zhongde Bridge and Xianghua Bridge in West Town. You can imagine the prosperous scenery of that year. After 1853, it was caused by repeated encounters. Wars, silted rivers, and Fahua Town declined. Now we can see a stone-carved Zhongde Bridge on the road in Fahua Town, standing on the street for people to remember.

I only walked the southern section of Zhongde Bridge. The road was not long and it was clean. At the intersection of Fahuazhen Road, Zhongdeqiao Road and Yangzhai Road, I walked into the vegetable market to see where there are abundant agricultural products.

Yangzhai Road is in Changning District. From Zhongdeqiao Road in the north to Anshun Road in the south.

Changning District, Shanghai

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