Walk in Shanghai – Wusong Road

Wusong Road is a street in the south of Hongkou District, Shanghai. From Hengshui Road in the north to North Suzhou Road in the south.

Wusong Road was built in 1856 to fill the road for the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry. It was one of the earliest roads opened in the Hongkou American Concession.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a triangular vegetable farm was built at the intersection of Tanggu. Later, Shikumen Lane houses were built on both sides. The vicinity of Wuchang Road was once an area inhabited by Guangdong immigrants. The area from Tanggu Road to Haining Road used to be a concentrated residential area of ​​Japanese expatriates, and many Japanese merchants opened. The Broadway Building (Shanghai Building) was built at the southern end in the 1930s.

Hongkou District, Shanghai

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