Walk in Shanghai – Wujiaochang at Night

Walk in Shanghai – Wujiaochang at Night

Wujiaochang (五角场) is a roundabout-centered area in Yangpu District, Shanghai. Wujiaochang means “five-cornered Square”; as it is centered on a roundabout of five roads by Handan Road, Siping Road, Siping Road, Xiangyin Road and Songhu Road. It covers an area of 3.11 square kilometers.

It is divided in half by the Middle Ring Road, which cuts straight above the roundabout. It is one of the ten designated business hubs in Shanghai.

Wujiaochang consists of three parts: the island business district, the central community of the knowledge innovation zone, and the knowledge business center.

It has many shopping malls, universities, technology parks, and cultural attractions. It is also connected by underground commercial streets and subway lines. It is a vibrant and innovative area in the northeast of Shanghai.

Video Source: 【爱上海】 Shanghai Subcenter: Wujiaochang Night Walk \4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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