Walk in Shanghai – Wisdom Bay Innovation Park

Walk in Shanghai – Wisdom Bay Innovation Park

Wisdom Bay Innovation Park is a creative park dominated by science and technology culture, which is a 3D printing base in Shanghai. The office buildings and leisure buildings in the park have unique architectural styles. It seems that many buildings resemble the shape of a collection card with bright colors, which brings vitality to the park.

There is the world’s largest concrete-printed 3D bridge in the park, and there is also a Tesla optical storage and charging integrated charging station that has just landed in the park. This is Tesla’s first optical storage and charging station in East China.

Baoshan District, Shanghai

Video Source: 这里有世界上最大的3D打印桥 Walk in a fun and playful creative park 宝山智慧湾, \ China streets \上海の街 \4K from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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