Walk in Shanghai – Trunk Market on Daxue Road

Walk in Shanghai – Trunk Market on Daxue Road

Daxue Road (大学路; University Road) is an east-west road located in Yangpu District, Shanghai. The road starts from Guoding Road in the west and ending at Zhixing Road in the east, with a length of 700 meters.

This road is surrounded by colleges and universities. The two nearby universities are Fudan University (复旦大学) and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE; 上海财经大学).

In 2015, Daxue Road was recognized as a Shanghai Municipal Shopping Street.

The trunk market has gained popularity in many cities in China and has opened in Shanghai on University Road.

It was first opened on University Road back in 2020 and was a hit before the market was stopped due to epidemic control. Beginning May 20, 2023, the trunk market is reopened and identified as the new Shanghai pedestrian street for weekends and holidays.

As night falls, private cars park here to offer to buy all sorts of small items.

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