Walk in Shanghai – The Southern Part of Hongkou District

Walk in Shanghai – The Southern Part of Hongkou District

Hongkou, is a district of Shanghai, forming part of the northern urban core. It has a land area of 23.48 km2 (9.07 sq mi).

It is the location of the Astor House Hotel, Broadway Mansions, Lu Xun Park, and Hongkou Football Stadium.

At one time, Hongkou developed into a major community of Cantonese and Japanese residents in Shanghai and was known as Shanghai’s “Little Tokyo”.

Hongkou District is probably the most densely populated administrative district in Shanghai and was originally a beach on the shores of the East China Sea, crossed by rivers.

Today we walk in the southern part of the Hongkou district, starting from the mouth of the Suzhou River and heading north, along Hongkou Gang River, looking at the old buildings on both sides of the river.

Because of the redevelopment in this district of the city, we see mostly empty buildings.

0:40 Suzhou River mouth, Waibaidu Bridge
3:57 Daiming Road
10:00 Minhang Road
15:25 Emei Road
20:05 Shajing Port
27:06 Liyang Road
28:20 Liyang District
33:27 1933 Old Field House
39:48 Zhegao Road
40:29 Liaoning Road
41.51 Shajing Port Harbin Road
45:06 Siping Road Subdivision
48:34 Siping Road

Video Source: Shanghai, China I The “Florentine Town” with a focus on merchandise for sale I 4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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