Walk in Shanghai – Qushuiyuan

Walk in Shanghai – Qushuiyuan

Qushuiyuan (曲水园) is located at Park Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

It was first built in the 10th year of the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty (1745 AD).

It is said that in order to build this garden, every resident in the city was asked to collect a penny, so it is also known as “a penny garden”.

The original name of Qushuiyuan was Ling Yuan.

In the third year of Jiaqing (1798), the name of the garden was changed to Qushuiyuan.

In the third year of the Qing dynasty (1911), Qushuiyuan was changed from a temple garden to a park.

In the sixteenth year of the Republic of China (1927), Qushuiyuan was renamed Zhongshan Park, but after its restoration in 1980, it was changed back to its original name.

Qushuiyuan is one of the top five classical gardens in Shanghai; in 2007, it was named a four-star park in Shanghai.

Video Source: 【LOVE SHANGHAI .4K】Touring the garden in a classical Chinese garden. Shanghai Qingpu Qushui Garden from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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