Walk in Shanghai – Qingxi Old Street

Walk in Shanghai – Qingxi Old Street

In Shanghai Fengxian District there is a Qingcun Town (青村镇) and in the town there is an old street, which has a history of 1400 years.

In the last years, after development and renovation, Qingcun Town has a name Qingxi Ancient Town. In today’s top ten ancient towns in Shanghai, there is no name of Qingxi Ancient Town, so it is not well known.

Qingxi Old Street has the characteristics of each of the water towns, only the current open scenic area is relatively small.

People walk around the old street and the creek for a while to complete the whole tour, but this short time is enough to leave a deep impression.

Video Source: Shanghai’s unknown ancient towns Typical Jiangnan waterfront style Qingxi Old Street \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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