Walk in Shanghai – Qibao Old Street

Walk in Shanghai – Qibao Old Street

Qibao (七宝镇) is a water town in Minhang District, Shanghai. The name comes from the local temple (Qibao Temple), from which Qibao Town was officially named.

Qibao Ancient Town (七宝古镇) was built in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Qibao Old Street in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It is said that there are seven treasures hidden here, but in fact there were eight treasures here. Later, one of them was stolen and became the seven treasures.

There is a saying of “Seven Treasures” among the folks, saying: Flying Buddha, Lai Lai Bell, Golden Lotus Sutra, Sacred Tree, Golden Rooster, Jade Axe , Jade Chopsticks.

Qibao Old Street is a historic area of Qibao. It is located south of Qingnian Road. The area is now a tourist attraction.

Today’s Qibao Old Street buildings are mostly built later. The North and South Avenues gather a variety of specialty snacks, tourist crafts, antiques, calligraphy and painting. It’s just that the excessive commercial atmosphere here has lost the original simplicity of the ancient town.

Minhang District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K. Shanghai】Millennium Old Street: Qibao 七宝老街 \ Travel around from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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