Walk in Shanghai – Longemont Nostalgic Shopping Mall

Walk in Shanghai – Longemont Nostalgic Shopping Mall

Longemont (龙之梦, literally: “Dragon’s Dream”) is a 60-floor, 238-meter (781 ft) tall skyscraper with a shopping mall (龙之梦购物公园; Longemont Shopping Park) at its base, and offices and Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel as its main body. It is located south of Zhongshan Park in Changning District, Shanghai.

The Longemont Shopping Park is home to numerous multinational retailers such as Uniqlo, C&A, West Kowloon Lane Coffee and Zara.

“City Mart” is a restaurant chain with traditional Shanghai eateries and cultural scenes in the nostalgic style of the old streets, was officially opened in Longemont Shopping Park.

The emergence of nostalgic old street style in the shopping mall is a manifestation of retro theme, aiming to awaken historical memories and show the style and culture of Shanghai.

This expression has the following characteristics:

Adopting the model of old Shanghai streets, including lighting colors, store signs, wall arrangements, and old-time objects.

Reflecting the Republican style, including paulownia trees, foreign houses, telephone booths, Shanghai pocket watches, etc.

Combining food and art, including old Shanghai food, cafes, creative small stores, galleries, etc.

Connection to historical celebrities and stories, including Lu Xun, Zhang Eiling, Du Yuesheng, Fourth Aunt, etc.

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