Walk in Shanghai – Night Wujiaochang

Walk in Shanghai – Night Wujiaochang

Night streets of Wujiaochang and new circular bridge.

Wujiaochang (五角场) is a roundabout-centered area in Yangpu District, Shanghai, China hence its name. (Wujiaochang means “five-cornered Square”; as it is centered on a roundabout of five roads.) It has a total area of 3.11 square meters (33.5 sq ft) and is the busiest area in northern Shanghai.

Yangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source: 4K \ 大学路之时尚夏日风 五角场商圈新添环形立交桥 \ China streets \上海の街 \ from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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