Walk in Shanghai – Luchaogang Park

Walk in Shanghai – Luchaogang Park

Luchaogang Park (芦潮港公园; Luchao Harbor Park) is located at the intersection of Jiangshan Road and Chaohe Road in Nanhui New City in Pudong New District, Shanghai.

Luchaogang was a port town and was the southeastern water gateway of Shanghai. In November 2012, approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the town of Luchaogang was renamed Luchaogang Community in Nanhui New City.

At the end of 2017, in order to further improve the quality of life of the Luchao Harbor community, Luciao Harbor Park began to be built.

The park covers an area of 136 acres and is surrounded by water, making it an “ecological peninsula” for the community. His land area: 90547.26 m².

The park is subdivided into eight functional areas: the main entrance area, outdoor sports area, high line garden corridor, lakeside walking area, park vitality corner, cherry blossom waterfront, wetland flower valley area, children’s play area. The children’s play area is very popular with the locals.

Each area has its own theme, distinctive regional characteristics, each with different scenery and fun.

The park was created for leisure activities of local residents and even Shanghai residents’ holiday travel. Since the park is far from the center of Shanghai, few people in the city know about it.

Video Source: Shanghai’s first sponge park I The Garden of the World I Luchao Port Park 4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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