Walk in Shanghai – Liantang Ancient Town

Walk in Shanghai – Liantang Ancient Town

Liantang Town (练塘镇; Liantangzhen) is affiliated to Qingpu District, Shanghai, and is located in the southwest of Shanghai.

The town (also known as Zhang Liantang and Lianxi) and the surrounding areas belonged to Wu in the Spring and Autumn Period, then belonged to Yue in the Warring States Period. The town has a long history.

There are more than 10 ancient bridges on the river in the old street of the ancient town, and on both sides of the river are plain-walled houses and paved paths.

Ancient bridges and houses are quietly telling the history of Liantang.

Liantang Town has been rated as “Famous Historical and Cultural Town in China”, “National Township with Beautiful Environment”, “National Ecological Town”, “Shanghai Civilized Town” and “Shanghai Sanitary Town”.

Video Source:【SHANGHAI .4K】Leisurely visit in the beautiful Ancient Town of Shanghai from 乌瓦 on Youtube CC BY

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