Walk in Shanghai – Fuzhou Road

Fuzhou Road is located in the present-day Huangpu District of Shanghai, commonly known as the Four Roads. From Xizang Middle Road in the west to Zhongshan East 1st Road in the east.

Fuzhou Road is the source of Shanghai’s regional culture, and the opening of the Commercial Press here in 1897 marked the rise of China’s modern publishing industry. Fuzhou Road is known as the first street of Chinese culture and has many bookstores and cultural stores along the road, among which the more famous ones are Shanghai Book City and Shanghai Cultural Building.

Fuzhou Road is also a food and culture street, with many well-known Chinese old food brands such as Xing Hua Lou (No. 343, Cantonese cuisine), Lao Zheng Xing (No. 556, Suzhou cuisine) and Lao Han Zhai (No. 600, Huai Yang cuisine).
The Xizhong intersection at the end of Fuzhou Road was formerly known as Huiluo Li, which was once a famous red light district with 151 brothels before 1948.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K. Shanghai】Fuzhou Road福州路\Travel around Shanghai: \上海の街 from 走遍上海\Travel around Shanghai on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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