Walk in Shanghai – AI PLAZA

Walk in Shanghai – AI PLAZA

AI PLAZA (西岸凤巢; West Coast Phoenix Nest) is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai.

The newly opened AI PLAZA is a shopping mall with an artistic temperament. It is mainly an art exhibition center, and the shopping malls built there also have an artistic sense.

The “AI” of the English name AI PLAZA is taken from “ART+ INTELLIGENCE”, which means the organic combination of “art” and “wisdom”.

It is seamlessly connected to Yunjin Road Station (云锦路站) of Metro Line 11, adjacent to two river-crossing bridges and three tunnels, enabling efficient travel and fast access to major core areas in Shanghai.

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai “Space Station Mall” West Coast Phoenix Nest 西岸凤巢Shanghai Travel from 乌瓦 on Youtube CC BY

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