Walk in Memmingen, Germany

Walk in Memmingen, Germany

Memmingen is a town in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. It is the economic, educational and administrative centre of the Danube-Iller region.

To the west the town is flanked by the Iller, the river that marks the Baden-Württemberg border. To the north, east and south the town is surrounded by the district of Unterallgäu.

The origins of the town go back to the Roman Empire. The old town, with its many courtyards, castles and patricians’ houses, palaces and fortifications is one of the best preserved in southern Germany.

With good transport links by road, rail and air, it is the transport hub for Upper Swabia and Central Swabia, and the Allgäu.

On this evening walk we stroll around the Old Town seeing many of the sights of Memmingen.

Video Source: See the amazing city of MEMMINGEN in Germany NOW and in the Future 🇩🇪 frm The Walking Tour Master on Youtube CC BY

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