Walk in Hong Kong – Tai Hang

Walk in Hong Kong – Tai Hang

Tai Hang (大坑; lit. ‘The Big Water Channel’) is an area southeast of Causeway Bay located in the mid-north of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

It is home to many luxurious private apartments. Residents are predominantly more affluent Hong Kong locals and expatriate professionals.

The area of Tai Hang is divided into upper and lower areas.

The upper area includes a public housing estate Lai Tak Tsuen and some highrise residential blocks for affluents, such as Illumination Terrace (光明臺, 5-7 Tai Hang Road) or Ronsdale Garden (龍華花園, 25 Tai Hang Drive).

The lower area has many old residential blocks, with a number of restaurants along the streets. It is named after a stream (or drainage) from nearby hills.

Video Source: Tai Hang, Hong Kong – Walking Tour ASMR [4K 60fps] from Lazy Explorer on Youtube  CC BY

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