Walk in Dali Ancient City – Dali, Yunnan, China

Walk in Dali Ancient City – Dali, Yunnan, China

Dali City (大理市) is the county-level seat of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in China’s southwestern Yunnan province. It is located on the shores of Erhai Lake (洱海), approximately 250 km (160 mi) northwest of the provincial capital of Kunming.

Dali Town (大理镇) is a township-level division in Dali City. The town contains the historic centre of Dali City is known as Dali Ancient City or Dali Old Town (大理古城). The modern centre of Dali City, however, is 10 km south of the old town at Xiaguan.

Dali Ancient City has become well-known as a tourist site in part thanks to its picturesque location and historic Bai architecture.

It was built in the 15th year of the Ming Dynasty (1382). The Hongwu Emperor, personal name Zhu Yuanzhang, courtesy name Guorui, was the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty of China, reigning from 1368 to 1398.

The area of the ancient city is 3 square kilometers and it was the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan during the 500 years of history of Tang and Song dynasties.

Video Chapters:

00:33 – The South Gate
06:50 – Wuhua Building
13:05 – The Confucian Temple
22:34 – Dali Catholic Church
33:17 – Honglongjing Old Street
39:00 – The South Gate Mosque
41:48 – Wumiao, or the Temple of Martial Arts
48:13 – Yu’er Park

Video Source: Spring in the Dali Old Town – Yunnan – China from Pretend Walker on Youtube  CC BY

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