Walk in Burghausen, Germany

Walk in Burghausen, Germany

Burghausen is the largest town in the Altötting district of Upper Bavaria in Germany. It is situated on the Salzach river, near the border with Austria.

Burghausen Castle rests along a ridgeline, and is the longest castle in the world. There are six castle courtyards lined up that make up a length of over one kilometre.

The oldest mention of Burghausen is documented in the year 1025 as Imperial real property. Emperor Conrad II would later appoint the Counts of Burghausen as the financial administrators of the locality. But, as latest excavations have shown, the area around the main court of Burghausen’s castle has at least been inhabited since the Bronze Age.

With Archaeologists finding artifacts of the pre-metal Celtic, Iron Age, and Roman era, it is hard to pinpoint a “founding” date. The town has developed over thousands of years, but it is not yet possible to say how long there has been a permanent settlement.

The main sight of Burghausen besides Burghausen Castle is the picturesque Old Town in southern Inn-Salzach style.

The parish church St. Jakob was consecrated in 1140, reconstructed after a fire in 1353 but the dome of the spire was created only in 1778/81.

The ancient Regierungsgebäude (former Government Building) was built in the 16th century with three decorative Renaissance-turrets. The Townhall with its Neo-classical facade originates already from the 14th and 15th century.

These buildings are all situated at Burghausen’s grand central square Stadtplatz, same as the baroque Guardian Angel Church. To the north of this square is the former Jesuit church St. Joseph (1630/31), to the south the Holy Spirit Church (1325/30) which was altered during the Baroque.

Above the Old Town sprawls the gothic Burghausen Castle. The Wöhrsee lake is located between the Old Town and the castle.

The baroque pilgrimage church St. Maria Himmelfahrt is situated in Marienberg a little distance to the southwest of Burghausen, not far away from the baroque church of the ancient Raitenhaslach Abbey.

This walk we start at the old town of Burghausen and then make the climb up to the castle hill. We see a part of the longest castle with a great view over Burghausen. At last we head back to the train station where we continue our journey.

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