Walk in Beijing – Central Park Plaza, Tuanjiehu Park

Walk in Beijing – Central Park Plaza, Tuanjiehu Park

Junhao Central Park Plaza (骏豪中央公园广场) is located on the south side of Chaoyang Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It covers an area of 34,699 square meters. The Junhao Park Plaza office building is located on the south side of Chaoyang Park also. It is based on the Chaoyang Park section of Beijing’s business and ecological sector.

It gathers the fashion atmosphere of Yansha, the business atmosphere of China World Trade Center, and the media atmosphere of CCTV. This commercial complex of offices and public spaces was officially opened in 2017.

Tuanjiehu Park (团结湖公园; also known as Tuanjie Lake Park) is an urban park of Beijing. It is a public city park in Beijing with scenic views and classic landscapes of gardens and water towns in Jiang Nan area. The park is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, close to the eastern segment of the 3rd Ring Road.

The main lake in the park was constructed in 1958. It is one of the 10 largest lakes in urban area of Beijing. The ring shape of this lake symbolizes the unity, and thus the name of the lake is Tuanjiehu or Tuanjie Lake, which mean the Lake of Unity. In 1986, the park was created around the lake.


00:00:00 Junhao Central Park Plaza
00:05:12 Yaojiayuan Road
00:15:57 Tuanjiehu Road
00:20:20 Tuanjiehu Park
00:31:59 East Third Ring Road Crossing Pedestrian Bridge
00:34:20 East Third Ring Road
00:35:16 Xiangjunbeili
00:41:08 East Third Ring Road
00:41:57 Jiaming Center
00:44:10 Backstreet of Zhongqing Building
00:46:51 East Third Ring Road
00:48:58 Baijiazhuang North Road
00:50:12 Pacific Century Place
00:54:00 Workers Stadium North Road No. 4

Video Source: Rain walking in Beijing [Sweet Water Garden, Unity Lake, Sanlitun]【4K】漫步在北京 from sunLight on YoutubeCC BY

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