Walk in Bautzen, Germany

Walk in Bautzen, Germany

Bautzen, until 1868 Budissin, is a town in eastern Saxony, Germany, and the administrative centre of the district of Bautzen.

It is located on the Spree river, is the eighth most populous town in Saxony, and is the seat of Saxony’s largest district.

Both German and Sorbian languages are spoken in Bautzen due to the presence of the Sorbian minority. This bilingualism adds an interesting cultural touch, visible in street signs and local traditions.

The city has a blend of architectural styles, with Gothic towers alongside Renaissance buildings.

St. Peter’s Cathedral is an interdenominational church in Bautzen. It is among the oldest and largest simultaneum churches in Germany. Located in the heart of the city’s “Old Town”, the church and the square it is situated within is a major tourist attraction.

The first church was built around the 1000 AD. Near the beginning of the 13th century, a cathedral was built under the supervision of Bishop Bruno II. The Bishop established the Catholic priest foundation at this time as well.

The first cathedral was not specifically the Cathedral of St. Peter, as both John the Baptist and St. Peter were the patron saints for the church.

Between 1456 and 1463, the cathedral that now stands was constructed and named after St. Peter. A fourth nave was added to the original structure. In c. 1560 the Dutch organ builder Hermann Rodensteen built an organ for the cathedral.

Bautzen has witnessed numerous events in its history, evident in its historic walls and fortifications. Ancient walls stand near modern cafes and art pieces which we will see on this walking tour through this city.

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