Walk in Andromeda Botanical Gardens – Barbados

Walk in Andromeda Botanical Gardens – Barbados

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a 6-acre botanical garden and an historic cultural attraction in the village of Bathsheba, Saint Joseph in Barbados.

It is an authentic garden created by multiple award-winning horticulturalist Iris Bannochie, a female, Barbadian, self-taught scientist.

It is unique, having been created from the 1950s as both a private botanical garden and a pleasure garden by an individual.

Named from the Greek mythological figure of Andromeda it started as a private plant collection around Ms Bannochie’s home, who was also the leading expert on horticulture on the island.

Ms Bannochie wrote various academic papers from topics including the lifecycle of the whistling frog, and the vitamin C content of the Barbadian cherry. She was a mentor to many and considered the queen of Barbadian horticulture.

Video Source: Andromeda Botanical Gardens, Barbados (4K + Binaural audio) from The Digital Nomad Experience with Binaural Audio on Youtube CC BY

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