Travel to Taiwan – Kaohsiung airport arrival

Kaohsiung International Airport (Chinese: 高雄國際航空站; pinyin: Gāoxióng guójì hángkōngzhàn; commonly 高雄國際機場; Gāoxióng guójì jīchǎng) (IATA: KHH, ICAO: RCKH), also known as Kaohsiung Siaogang Airport (高雄小港機場; Gāoxióng xiǎogǎng jīchǎng) for the Siaogang District where it is located, is a medium-sized commercial airport in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (ROC). Kaohsiung International is the second busiest Taiwanese airport, after Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, in passenger movement.Kaohsiung International Airport has two terminals – domestic and international. They are connected by a corridor way. (

Video Source: Travel to Taiwan Lys Travel: Nhập cảnh Đài Loan tại sân bay Cao Hùng (Kaohsiung airport arrival) from HTC2 Channel on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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