Trail Running in White Mountain National Forest – NH, US

Trail Running in White Mountain National Forest – NH, US

The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is a federally managed forest contained within the White Mountains in the northeastern United States.

It has a total area of 750,852 acres (303,859 ha) (1,225 sq mi). Most of the WMNF is in New Hampshire; a small part (about 5.65% of the forest) is in the neighboring state of Maine.

The WMNF is the only national forest located in either New Hampshire or Maine, and is the most eastern national forest in the United States. Most of the major peaks over 4,000 feet high for peak-bagging in New Hampshire are located in the national forest. Over 100 miles (160 km) of the Appalachian Trail traverses the White Mountain National Forest.

Nature is how I fuel my adventures maybe even more than food. Trail Running can be a very audible experience in addition to the visuals we get to witness while out in the woods.

I believe runners are people drawn to rythyms, rythym of our cadence, our breathing, music we may listen to, and the rythym of nature that we tune into while engaging in this beautiful movement.

The advantage of running solo in the woods is that all these rythym come together in a synergy that charges our soul. Solitude in the wilderness can be a portal into a deeper realm of ourselves, the universe, and many things such as love, our creativity, compassion, and the joys of life that we can share with others. I hope you enjoy this ASMR style video and that it possibly facilitates a new sense of awareness to your runs.

This particular day was one if my favorite types mountain days. The onset of spring, the birds singing, the rivers flowing with vigor, the sun and blue skies sharing the limelight with the wind and fog and a contrast of climate from trailhead to summit. A full spectrum of the earth’s endless creative beauty. A perfect day to be out there.

Video Source: What It’s Like To TRAIL RUN In The Mountains from That Mountain Moment on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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