Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda – Saigon

Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda, Chinatown (Cho Lon), Saigon

It was built in 1959 for Chinese monks and Buddhists to practice their religion. The Temple is about 600 square meters, with four floors: ground floor is for Earth Buddha; 1st floor is for Guan Yin – the Goddess of Mercy; 2nd one is for Medicine Buddha; 3rd one – also the main altar – is for Vairocana Buddha (a celestial Buddha who is often interpreted as the Reality Body of the historical Siddhartha Buddha) sitting on top of a Lotus pedestal with thousands of petals, each contains a small Buddha statue as well. There are thousands of other Buddha statues on the walls around this room.

Video Source: Walking and Exploring Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda (Chùa Vạn Phật) – by DJI Osmo Pocket from Mai Khoi Photography on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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