Taiwan Barbet – Natural Bird Sound

Taiwan Barbet – Natural Bird Sound

The Taiwan barbet is a species of bird endemic to the country of Taiwan.

Body length 20 to 22 cm. Iris dark red. The mouth is thick and black, and the mouth must be developed. Feet lead grey.

Hermaphroditic, obese, with a large head. As the name suggests, the five-color bird has five feather colors: most of the body is emerald green, the head is blue, the forehead and throat are yellow, the front of the eyes and the front neck are red, and the upper part of the ear feathers is black.

Widely inhabits broad-leaved forests at medium and low altitudes.

Video Source: 五色鳥(台灣擬啄木)/Taiwan Barbet from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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