Swinhoe’s Pheasant – Natural Bird Sound

Swinhoe’s Pheasant – Natural Bird Sound

Swinhoe’s pheasant, also known as the Taiwan blue pheasant, is a bird of the pheasant subfamily in the fowl family Phasianidae. It is endemic to Taiwan. Inhabits forests below 2000 meters in middle and low altitudes.

The male bird is 55 cm long and the female is 55 cm long. Iris brown. The male beak is grayish yellow, the female beak is lead gray. Feet red.

Male bird has black head and neck, white crest feathers with black spots, naked face and wattles bright red, back pillow and neck side dark blue with metallic luster, upper back white, lower back and upper tail coverts black, shoulder feathers Purple-red, dark brown wings, blue upper wing coverts, dark blue waist, bright blue feathers, long tail feathers, two white tail feathers in the center, and the rest black with blue luster.

Female head and neck gray, no crown feathers, red face with bare skin, dark brown back and chest, densely covered with triangular yellow-brown markings, wings with yellow-brown horizontal bands, dark brown tail feathers, with black and white horizontal stripes, dark red on both sides of tail feathers , abdomen yellowish brown, densely covered with fine V-shaped markings.

Video Source: 藍腹鷴/Swinhoe’s Pheasant from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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