Superb Starling – Natural Bird Sound

Superb Starling – Natural Bird Sound

The superb starling is a member of the starling family of birds. It was formerly known as Spreo superbus.

Body length 18-19 cm. Iris white. Mouth grayish black. Feet iron grey.

Male and female body feathers are similar. Head, face, chin and throat black, headrest, nape, upper back blue with metallic luster, wings, lower back to tail feathers blue-green with metallic luster.

The chest is blue with metallic luster, there is a white striped horizontal band under the chest, the abdomen is orange-red, and the lower abdomen and tail coverts are white.

This species has a very large range and can commonly be found in East Africa, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Video Source: 栗頭麗椋鳥/Superb Starling from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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